EFY Finance is a platform where users can generate passive income based on real earnings. It focuses on connecting the capital needs of traditional markets with the large supply of capital in the crypto ecosystem. There is a great disparity worldwide where we find markets with large amounts of capital supply, very easy to access and at very low cost, and markets with great capital needs where it is very difficult and expensive to obtain it. EFY Finance is the bridge that connects these 2 worlds.

EFY is a platform that allows users to obtain adequate profits on their stablecoins based and collateralized on the tokenization of real financial assets of the business ecosystem (debt). Where, the rate of return of benefits for users is calculated using a mathematical model that adjusts the size of the Fixed Pool based on the collateralized demand, offering fixed interests for operations fixed in time, but determinable in each instance and variable interests in the case of operations without a specific execution time.

Because collateralized demand is backed by real companies’ note notes as well as their portfolio insurance collateral, EFY Finance can guarantee the returns calculated by the algorithmic interest yield function.